The best wedding venues in Jacksonville, FL: A hair & makeup artist’s perspective

January 23, 2024

Planning a wedding involves meticulous attention to detail, and one crucial aspect is choosing the perfect venue. As a hair & makeup artist the things I look for, might be a little different, but so beneficial to the whole bridal party! Some of the criteria that I like to consider are:

  • Are there stairs? Often we travel with a lot of equipment and it can be HEAVY. Sometimes a lot of stairs can be a little… disappointing.
  • How is the lighting? A dark room makes it really hard to see you well enough to deliver a beautiful look. Lighting is one of the most important aspects to a space.
  • Is there enough space and does the space have what we need? We’re often competing for table space, chairs, electrical outlets, and even just some elbow room. If we can spread out, getting ready is so much more enjoyable!

Some of the other details I’ve included here are just an added bonus on top of the basic criteria. I hope this list will grow, but right now, one of the really great perks is that for these 3 wedding venues, Curl.Wink.Blush does not currently charge a travel fee! Here are my top picks for best wedding venues in Jacksonville, FL.

The Glass Factory: Located in the heart of Jacksonville, The Glass Factory is a gem for brides seeking a unique and industrial yet chic aesthetic. This venue boasts a bridal suite that is not only HUGE but also so beautiful. With lots of cozy lounge space, two bathrooms, a separate groom’s suits, plenty of space for hair and makeup to setup, mirrors and great lighting, this venue has come along way from when they first opened. It’s clear that the people who designed this space put a lot of thought into it. The Glass Factory is easily in top 3 for me!

Bowing Oaks: Nestled in the scenic landscape of Jacksonville, Bowing Oaks is a picturesque venue that caters to couples seeking a romantic and tranquil setting. For hair and makeup artists, the convenience of a not only a well-designed bridal suite, but also unloading area is a game-changer. With it’s traditional salon stations and bright lights this bridal suite made me squeal the first time I walked in! The thoughtfully planned layout ensure that the getting ready process runs seamlessly. Bowing Oaks, with its enchanting atmosphere and practical amenities, is a dream for any bridal party.

St Johns Event Center: For those envisioning a grand celebration, St Johns Event Center in Jacksonville offers a sophisticated and spacious setting. This one may be unexpected as it is also an Orthodox Greek Church. However, you don’t have to be a part of the church to get married in the beautiful courtyard! The well-appointed bridal suite provides the perfect backdrop for creating stunning bridal looks. With so many stunning photo ops and several spaces for ceremony and celebration, St Johns Event Center has endless possibilities.

Choosing the right wedding venue is a crucial decision that sets the stage for a memorable celebration. The Glass Factory, Bowing Oaks, and St Johns Event Center in Jacksonville, FL, offer not only stunning settings but also practical features that make the beauty team’s job a delight. From bright, thoughtfully planned bridal suites to small conveniences these venues are a testament to the thorough planning that goes into creating the perfect wedding experience. As a hair and makeup artist, working in these venues becomes a seamless and enjoyable process, ensuring that every bride looks and feels radiant on her special day.

If you’re a venue owner reading this with a bridal suit that rivals most and you’d like to be featured, please reach out! We’d love to pay you a visit and hopefully work together!


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