Nail Your Trial: Tips for Brides-to-Be from a Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist in Jacksonville, FL.

March 14, 2024

Get Your Inspo Together

Before your trial, gather inspiration photos that resonate with your vision for your wedding day look. These photos should be representative of your own skin type, hair type and features. In other words, if you’re a brunette, try to stick to photos of other brunettes. Keep in mind that neutral and natural do not mean the same thing when it comes to makeup. 2-3 photos for each is usually more than enough.

While inspiration photos are very helpful, they should serve as a guide rather than a strict blueprint. Remember that each artist is unique and has their own specific style and set of skills. A great place to look for inspo is on your specific artist’s Instagram page or website. Your hair and makeup artist will tailor the look to enhance your natural beauty and complement your features.

Set Realistic Expectations

It’s important to have realistic expectations for both yourself and your artist. Understand that your artist is there to enhance your beauty, not to completely transform you into someone else. Be open to suggestions and trust their expertise. Additionally, keep in mind that what looks great on someone else may not necessarily suit you. Often, images online are created in perfect conditions or captured immediately after being done. They may not always be an accurate representation of a 10 hour wedding day in 100% Florida humidity. Be flexible and willing to explore different options. Hair and makeup is an art. Giving guidelines is absolutely necessary, but be open to interpretation and give your artist the freedom to create a look that will suite you and the occasion.

Communication is Key

Don’t be afraid to speak up during your trial! If there’s something you don’t like or want to adjust, communicate it clearly and respectfully; we won’t take it personal. Well… we might, but that’s not your problem! And I promise we’ll get over it. Your artist wants you to feel confident and beautiful on your big day, so honest feedback is invaluable! Even if we love the look, we haven’t done our job to the best of our ability of you aren’t feeling it!

Prepare Your Canvas

If you’ve booked with Curl.Wink.Blush for your wedding day, you’ll receive multiple prep guides like this one multiple times. This is not by mistake! Great hair and makeup start with healthy skin and hair. In the weeks leading up to your trial, prioritize skincare and hair care to ensure a flawless canvas for your artist to work with. Stay hydrated, follow a consistent skincare routine, and be sure to stay on top of trims and nourishing treatments for your mane. Invest in clip-in extensions before your trial, if that’s something you’re considering. By investing in your skin and hair health, you only set yourself and your artist up for success on wedding day.

Arrive Prepared and Open-Minded

On the day of your trial, arrive with clean, dry hair and a makeup-free face. Wear a white or light-colored top to mimic the color of your wedding dress and bring any hair accessories or veils you plan to wear. Approach the trial with an open mind, allowing your artist to experiment and make adjustments as needed. Trust the process, and embrace the opportunity to fine-tune your bridal look. Know that your trial may not look exactly like your final wedding day look. That’s okay; as long as you have clearly communicated with your artist any changes, or concerns. Ask any pending questions and don’t be shy about reaching back out even after your trial to let us know how it went. We love to hear the good and the bad! This helps us mentally prepare and fine tune a game plan for the main event.

Your hair and makeup trial is an important step in the journey toward your wedding day. By following these tips and approaching the experience with positivity and communication, you’ll set the tone for a seamless and stunning bridal beauty experience. Remember, it’s all about collaboration, trust, and bringing your bridal vision to life with the help of talented professionals. Cheers to your beautiful journey down the aisle!


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